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An integral part of IEEE HAC’s strategic mission is to offer educational resources and training to equip IEEE members and volunteers to impact their local communities through sustainable development activities.

With better-prepared, skilled participants, every activity has a greater positive impact.


HAC is currently developing an educational curriculum that will address crucial topics, including:

  • Introduction to sustainable development
  • Humanitarian activities and sustainable development at IEEE
  • Starting a project (from idea to proposal)
  • Impact assessment planning
  • Managing a project (Proposal and beyond)
  • Impact assessment execution
  • Taking your project to the next level (replicating/scaling)
  • Technical sector-specific programs
  • Project support and leadership (for IEEE Organizational Unit (OU) Oversight)

More information will be posted about the curriculum in early 2020.


In the meantime, there are a variety of useful resources that can be found online:

Engineering for Change’s Introduction to Engineering for Global Development (EGD 101). Requires free registration with Engineering for Change

The IEEE SIGHT Digital Classroom provides learning-focused webinars, videos related to SIGHT and podcasts.

Learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

HAC-related videos

IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee Panel Session at Rising Stars 2020 Conference:

What does local humanitarian work look like in North America? Often times IEEE Members from the United States and Canada Sections state that they do not see humanitarian issues in their communities, that the issues are “elsewhere.” This panel features experts and thought leaders on the humanitarian-technology topics that align with USA and Canadian needs. Panelists discuss the issues and give insights into how technology and IEEE members can help.

HAC Panel Session at Rising Stars 2020

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