Our Impact

The IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) aims to support many impactful humanitarian technology and sustainable development projects with local communities around the world. As such, the committee not only provides funding to support projects, but also devotes resources to impact assessment.

HAC recognizes that photos, anecdotes, and feel-good stories are not enough; rather, deeper analysis is necessary to determine the effectiveness of a project. Not everything will go as planned, and it is important to understand lessons learned and unintended consequences.

Latest Monthly Impact Update (January 2020)

Case Studies

HAC will be providing case studies of projects that have received HAC Projects funding. Check back for more case studies in the weeks to come!

Peer Review

HAC is developing a Peer Review program that will be rolled in 2020. The idea behind this is that IEEE volunteers will present a plan for and then evaluate humanitarian technology and sustainable development projects funded by IEEE.

Past Reports