COVID-19 Projects

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in an unprecedented manner, and as such, earlier this year HAC created a joint call with IEEE SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology) Projects to support grassroots humanitarian technology and sustainable development projects that addressed the COVID-19 situation by IEEE members in their local communities. HAC/SIGHT received over 110 applications and funded over 70 projects from 25 countries and 5 IEEE Regions. In addition, HAC/SIGHT are providing ongoing support to these projects through Communities of Practice (CoPs) around common thematic areas, such as medical devices and ICT, to increase project impact, as well as member engagement and professional development.

Given the considerable interest, HAC and SIGHT are once again soliciting IEEE member proposals that utilize technology to fight against COVID-19. As the pandemic has not only affected health, but also exacerbated poverty and laid bare systemic inequality throughout the world, HAC/SIGHT are prioritizing the following project areas:

  • immediate impact – medical devices, infection control devices, PPE/community sensitization, ICT, or other immediate needs in fighting the virus
  • poverty mitigation – in particular, food security or energy security
  • inequality reduction – in particular, increasing access to education, internet, infrastructure, clean water, or skills development

Please note the Message from IEEE on coronavirus COVID-19, particularly “We request that all members avoid conducting in-person activities in areas impacted by the coronavirus threat and instead maximize the use of our online and virtual alternatives.”


ROLLING SUBMISSION until 15 September 2020

Call for Proposals

IEEE HAC & SIGHT Projects September 2020 Special Call for Proposals related to COVID-19

How to Apply

Please submit via the IEEE HAC and SIGHT Online Funding Opportunities Portal

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UPDATED SPREADSHEET of project funding awarded. Please check back regularly for further updates.

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