HAC Committee Members

2020 IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee Members

The following are the HAC Committee members for 2020. Operational committee chairs are noted below.

  • Kartik Kulkarni, Chair
  • Paul Cunningham, Immediate Past Chair
  • Supavadee Aramvith, Chair, Communications Committee
  • Shaikh Fattah, Chair, Education Committee
  • Mei Lin Fung, Chair, Assessment Committee
  • John Funso, Chair, Partnerships Committee
  • Paul Kostek, Chair, Events Committee
  • Nirupama Prakash Kumar, Chair, Projects Committee
  • Pia Torres, Chair, Project Support and Oversight Ad Hoc Committee
  • Sampath Veeraraghavan, Chair, IEEE SIGHT
  • David Alan Koehler, IEEE Board Coordinator

HAC Operational Committees

HAC Committees

2020 Liaisons to HAC

  • Bob Dent, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) Liaison to HAC
  • Alan Kaplan, IEEE Standards Liaison to HAC
  • Fred Mintzer, IEEE Foundation Liaison to HAC
  • Ken Stauffer, IEEE Entrepreneurship Liaison to HAC

Staff Support

  • Holly Schneider Brown, HAC Staff Lead
  • Julianna Pichardo, IEEE SIGHT Staff Lead
  • Betsy Toland, Administrative Support

IEEE HAC Committee Information

The HAC Assessment Committee is responsible for evaluating and recommending techniques, processes, and platforms that could be used by HAC and the wider IEEE community to assess the impact of humanitarian technology and sustainable development activities at IEEE. The Committee oversees project reporting with the Projects Committee.

Chair: Mei Lin Fung

The HAC Partnerships Committee is responsible for developing relationships both within IEEE and with external organizations that have humanitarian interests and missions in common with HAC. It also evaluates and recommends potential formal partnership opportunities.

Chair: John Funso

The HAC Projects Committee is responsible for issuing an annual Call for Proposals for humanitarian technology and sustainable development projects led by IEEE volunteers. The Committee evaluates proposals, makes funding decisions, and oversees reporting with the Assessment Committee.

Chair: Nirupama Prakash Kumar

The SIGHT committee manages all aspects of the IEEE SIGHT program, including approving new groups, providing ongoing training, evaluating requests for project funding, tracking project performance, communicating internally and externally, working effectively across IEEE OUs, and maintaining a quality improvement process for all SIGHT activities.

Chair: Sampath Veeraraghavan

The HAC Events Committee is responsible for soliciting proposals, evaluating, and making funding decisions regarding IEEE events that include humanitarian technology and sustainable development elements. The Committee also oversees the Conference Participation Program, which provides limited partial travel support.

Chair: Paul Kostek

The HAC Education Committee is responsible for developing and delivering educational and training materials on topics in humanitarian technology and sustainable development activities for a variety of IEEE and occasionally external audiences.

Chair: Shaikh Fattah

The HAC Communications Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining communications materials and channels for HAC to communicate both within IEEE and externally about funding and training opportunities, news, case studies, and so on.

Chair: Supavadee Aramvith


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